Anti- Bullying Ambassador

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Rahil Akhlaq (9JRU) becomes 1 of 10 in the UK trained as an Anti- Bullying Ambassador in the “Diana Award Anti Bullying Campaign”

Rahil was successfully appointed as a Year 9 Captain in September 2018, since being a Year Captain he has trained as an Anti-bullying Ambassador for ‘The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign’. Through this role he has delivered sessions to younger students on self-esteem, selfies and how to stay safe gaming alongside the other Year Captains in 8-11. Off his own back Rahil has then applied to be part of the Awards ‘Supercell Anti-Bullying Youth Board’ and he was successful in being selected as one of 10 members. Through this role Rahil will have the opportunity to be a voice for his peers and speak on a national level regarding Anti-bullying issues in the online setting. He has represented Holly Lodge and travelled to Helsinki for the launch project in the Easter Holidays and will regularly be required to go to London to help design an online safety curriculum that will be globally applicable.