Sixth Form

Holly Lodge has established a thriving Sixth Form, and our aim is to meet your needs by offering both academic and vocational courses and extensive individual support, with opportunities to contribute to the real and varied life of the school. For more information please take a look at the Holly Lodge Sixth Form prospectus.

As a committed student you will enjoy life in Holly Lodge 11-19 Science College Sixth Form. The prime aim for every student must be to gain good academic qualifications.

Entry Requirements:

This guide has been produced to help you make course choices for your education following completion of your GCSEs. There are a range of subjects on offer both A Levels and Level 3 BTEC courses here at Holly Lodge. Below shows the routes of entry that are available to you and how they relate to one another. Please note these routes are based on your average GCSE point scores.

Please note the all BTEC courses and grades count as one single grade.

Scenario One:
I have an average points score of 45 points or above- including a 6 in English Language and Mathematics.
Option One:
You are allowed to select from all subjects- if choosing any Science course or Mathematics you must still achieve a B/6 grade or above in that chosen subject.
Scenario Two:
I have an average points score of between 41-44 points- including a 5 in English Language and Mathematics.
Option Two:
You may only select two from Biology/ Chemistry/Physics & Mathematics if you have a B/6 grade in those subjects if you so wish, plus any two others.
Scenario Three:

I have an average points score between 39-40 points- including a 4 in English Language or Mathematics.
Option Three:
You may select 3 AS/A2 subjects but not any subject from Biology/ Chemistry Physics & Mathematics. Your choice can include A level and BTEC courses some of which are double awards this would count for 2 courses plus a retake in Mathematics or English Language.
GCSE Point Scores Level 2 BTEC/VCERT Point Scores GCSE English & Mathematics
A* = 58 points Dis*= 58 points 9= 64
A = 52 points Dis= 52 points 8=58
B = 46 points Merit= 46 points 7=52
C = 40 points Pass= 40 points 6=48
D = 34 points Level 1 Pass= 17 points 5=44
E = 28 points 4=40
F = 22 points 3=34
G = 16 points