SID's Day 2017

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Subject Immersion Day – June/November 2017

The recent Subject Immersion day was structured to enable students to undertake specific curriculum experiences beyond the constraints of the school timetable. Year 7 students took part in Sports Day held on the school field. Year 8 had been on a rotation of activities throughout the year which included a visits to the Clent Hills, Dudley Zoo and Castle, Worcester Cathedral and the Guru Nanak Gudwara in Smethwick and the opportunity to design robots with a team of Science experts that came into the school. Students in Year 9 have received an activity delivered by Brook Advisory Bureau on Sex and Relationships. Subject immersion Day provides the opportunity to ensure that important compulsory aspects of the Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum such as this are approached by specialists. In addition to this Year 9 students have undertaken an Enterprise education competition, similar to a ‘Dragon’s Den’ approach which has been immense fun.

As we approach Work Experience for our current Year 10 that will undertake a week in the world of work early in September when they enter Year 11, the day was used in preparation for the placements they will assume. Students actively considered employment skills and attitudes and considered how they may demonstrate such abilities during the week they are in workplace setting. In addition to this they received some financial education delivered by the Mathematics department as training for their future.

Sports Day 2017
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